Sunday, 25 May 2008

Carole Waller lecture

Carole Waller gave a talk about her work on Wednesday 21 May at Farnham to coincide with her exhibition at the Craft Study Centre. She told us she works with the feel of a place to change the atmosphere. She paints on silk organza to make veils of the thinnest possible membrane. Recently she has been enclosing them in laminated toughened glass which includes a UV resistant layer so she can display them in the open air. She works with a fashion designer to make her painted clothes and originally sold them in the USA and Europe at fashion shows. She employs experts to help her with the laminating of her work and has collaborated with several different companies. She also used a sound recordist and film maker to help her with the video and sound recordings made at Paddington station for her present exhibition in the Craft Study Centre.

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