Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ernesto Neto: The edges of the world

Ernesto Neto has taken over the upper floor of the Hayward to produce a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers made of stretchy fabric. He wants to engender the feeling of ‘getting inside your body’ and the whole experience felt very organic, as if it were growing and moving. Some areas are padded, others are layered with interconnecting tubes, and some are double skinned with lavender or camomile between the layers to provide a visual and olfactory experience. Steps at various points allow the viewer to climb up through one layer to see into the area above. The installation also continues out on to the open air spaces of the gallery and in one a small swimming pool and changing rooms have been installed so that people can swim round the pool like goldfish. The whole experience was very relaxing and magical.

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