Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Gothic crochet

I was delighted to come across this book of gothic crochet designs from 1964. Unfortunately they are based on gothic architecture rather than the spooky kind of gothic, which would have been really exciting, but they are interesting none the less. They are all in the same style and seem to have been designed by the same person but sadly his or her name is not given. They are all worked in Coats Mercer-Crochet no 20 using a no 3 crochet hook. Most of the designs are for round mats based on such exalted sites as the Rose window of Chartres Cathedral and the fan vaulting of King’s College Chapel Cambridge. However there are also some edgings based on the West Front of Lichfield Cathedral and tracery at St Lorenz, Nuremburg. What impresses me is that the Coats Sewing Group had the commitment to design, in the early 60s, to commission crochet mats based on a theme like this.

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