Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Reusing titles

I’m putting in a proposal for an exhibition and have been trying to think of a good title for the work I’m proposing. The problem is I’m extending the idea of my ‘Thread of life’ piece (detail above), which is a silk paper dress with lace embedded in it, to a mini installation of three similar dresses linked by thread. The original was just one dress but I think the three new linked dresses will strengthen the idea of the continuity of life. My problem is that ‘Thread of life’ would be a great title for the new piece of work but I’ve already used it for the previous piece. Is it acceptable to reuse a title or should I call the new one ‘Thread of life 2’ or ‘Threads of life’ or try and think of something completely different? On reflection I think it would be too confusing to reuse the old title because I might still want to show the old work as well. I’ll have to think of something new!

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