Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Machine lace equipment

In my response to the Battle of Britain commemorative lace panel I’ve decided to include simple images of some lace machine equipment to represent those who made the lace and the machines they used. I’ll be including images of the bobbins and carriages shown in the picture as well as representations of jacquard cards and drafts. The bobbins and their holders will probably be made of fabric and applied in a Carrickmacross technique but the cards and drafts will be separate applied pieces. I’ve made a start on the ‘drafts’ using stitching on canvas to give me the appearance of a design using rectangle shapes but I’m still deciding how to represent the rows of holes on the jacquard cards.


Andrea Gaskell said...

Some really interesting articles in your Blog Carol. Only just discovered it, but spent far too long reading and husband's tea isn't ready ;) .. I'll be back!

Carol Q said...

Thank you Andrea - look forward to seeing you again!