Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Mind maps and lace nerves

Now I’ve finished my Battle of Britain lace commission I’ve been thinking about a new project and I’ve been considering extending my work on the link between biology, science and lace. The image is of Mind maps a piece I made several years ago looking at nerves and body tissues, using a combination of bobbin lace and silk paper. I’m interested in making something on a larger scale using the needle run lace technique I used for the central panel of the Battle of Britain commission. I’ve been looking at some histology book to get inspiration from the images of tissues they contain but I don’t want the work to be purely representational. I’m interested in looking at sight and the cells of the eye which would also tie in with my recent net curtain and veiling projects on concealing and revealing and things that can be seen and not seen. I haven’t quite worked it out yet but that’s the way my mind is working at the moment!

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