Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Another exhibition finished yesterday (at West Ox Arts in Bampton) and I went to collect my pieces – fewer than I went with this time as I had sold my ‘Tracks panels’, so I only had to collect the three net curtains I’d also exhibited. I had marked them not for sale as I would like to exhibit them in a few more places before I sell them and they are part of a group of nine, which I display in different combinations depending on the venue and the message I want to convey. My next exhibition is a gallery at the Knitting and Stitching show which I’m sharing with Gail Baxter. Our work complements each other’s well as she is working with nets and I am using nets in the form of personal veiling, so we are approaching the same subject in very different ways. I’ve been working on my veils for a while – making lace and silk paper for them and have just got to the stage where I’m assembling some of them so it’s exciting seeing them come together as a body of work.

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