Saturday, 2 February 2008

Washi demonstration by Shoko Nomura

Shoko Nomura gave a demonstration of working with washi at the The Culture of Cloth Symposium at the Sainsbury Centre on 27 January 2008. She uses layers of washi to create sheets of paper that are combined to produce luminous installations.

Washi demonstration by Shoko Nomura

She starts with a sheet of washi on an acrylic board. Then adds a layer of dempun nori – a special starch glue – which gives the paper its sheen. She then adds layers of torn washi paper to build up very subtle patterns in the paper.

Once the pattern is complete it is no longer possible to determine where it begins or ends; a feature that Shoko is keen to express in her work. She feels that the process of layering the paper is as important as the finished work. I certainly found it a very therapeutic and all absorbing process to apply the layers of washi and feel them sinking into each other to form the final paper. The instructions for making the paper are in my sample book.

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