Friday, 16 May 2008

Blood on Paper

This exhibition at the V&A features books made by several different artists ranging from Picasso to Damien Hirst. The photo shows the entrance to the exhibition with Charles Sandison’s new commission of projected light entitled Carmina Figurata in which words move about the space supposedly at random. The large work in the foreground is by Anselm Kiefer entitled The secret life of plants. It recalls the outlines of constellations, the earth’s beginnings and the eternal process of transformation.

A video shows how Cai Guo-Qiang made his book entitled Suicide fireworks, by painting with gunpowder and then setting the book alight. The book is not particularly interesting in its case, it is only when one is surprised by its manufacture that it becomes interesting.

I also particularly liked the works by Anthony Caro, which unfortunately were shown closed rather than open, and those of Anish Kapoor entitled Wound which had been made by laser cutting through several layers of paper.

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