Friday 13 July 2012

Cloth and memory: Setting up

We’ve spent this week setting up the Cloth and memory exhibition. Everyone at Salts Mill has been extremely helpful and although it’s been tiring it has also been fun. It’s great to see everything in place at last because with such a large installation you never really know whether it is all going to work as a whole until you see it in place at the venue.

I tried as much as possible to get everything ready in my studio and pack it into units that were fairly easy to transport and were ready to be installed at the site. With the invaluable help of Gail Baxter (who also took these photos) and Dave at Salts Mill we managed to hang 4 long curtains (over 3 metres each) pierced with pins and needles, and 3 small curtains with tambour lace on them. We also attached 4 big pieces of cardboard with pins or tallies on them to the wall. We also hung 4 samplers and 9 large photographs (1 metre by 66 cm each) and installed a DVD. The only thing I had to do at the site was to mark some of the bricks with tallies – which I could only do in situ.

I’m pleased with the way it has all come together and I’m looking forward to the official opening tomorrow. The exhibition runs until 27 August and also features the work of Beverly Ayling-Smith and Bob White.

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