Friday, 19 July 2013

The fabric of memory: comments

I’ve been putting away the work from The fabric of memory exhibition and reviewing the comments made by some of the viewers. Most of them comment on how well the work of the three artists fitted together and how suitable the work was for the site. One viewer says ‘the work forms a beautiful composition, I can’t believe they weren’t made specifically for the space’. Another comments ‘a sensitive and beautiful installation’ and continues ‘as if the work was created for the site’. Another viewer says ‘the pieces ‘work so well with the site’. Textile exhibitions do seem to be shown to advantage in the Crypt gallery, I think it’s the combination of non-white brick walls and the slightly derelict air of the place, as well as the fact that the works are separated into various sites and alcoves so each is shown to advantage without the distraction of other works near them. It certainly proved an excellent site for our exhibition.

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