Saturday, 21 June 2014

Digital Encounters symposium

The Digital Encounters exhibition opened yesterday at the Herbert Read Gallery in Canterbury and two of my curtains with QR codes are in the exhibition. The event opened yesterday with a symposium before the evening private view. Both the exhibition and symposium were divided into four areas concerned with different aspects of digital textiles; my work was shown in the digital x social section and I took part in the panel discussion linked to that theme. My fellow panelists were Rosie James (who uses the sewing machine as a drawing tool), Louize Harries (whose work considered the possibility of robots creating craft) and Nicola Flower (who talked about her embroidery project with the visually impaired) as well as the curator of the exhibition, Jenna Rossi-Camus, who facilitated the discussion. We talked about our processes, the themes engaged in our work and the time-consuming nature and value of hand work. The other panels linking the digital to material, personal and historical were also interesting particularly the insights they gave into the work in the exhibition. I’ll blog about the exhibition in another post.

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