Wednesday, 9 July 2014

English Magic Jeremy Deller

Having demonstrated at the William Morris Gallery last week it was interesting to see William Morris starring in Jeremy Deller’s exhibition at Bristol Museum. I had seen ‘English magic’ in Venice at the Biennale last year (post on October 2013) where Jeremy Deller was representing the UK but it was interesting to see some of the work again in a different setting.  The main reference to Morris is in the large painted mural ‘We sit starving amidst our gold’ in which he is hurling a yacht into the Venice lagoon as a protest against their overbearing presence in Venice. However there were also more domestic references such as a sample of the printed fabric ‘Evenlode’ (above) with some of the wood blocks used in its production and the tile panel from Membland Hall. Both typical Morris designs with flowers, leaves and pomegranates.

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