Monday, 15 September 2014

The art of lace symposium

I spent a very enjoyable day at Waddesdon Manor on Saturday taking part in ‘The art of lace symposium’ organised to coincide with the ‘Imagine’ lace exhibition that is taking place there until 26 October. There were five speakers in the symposium and plenty of catching up with new friends and old. Rachel Boak, the curator of the Waddesdon exhibition began the day by speaking about historical lace and its display in a museum and stately home setting. She was followed by the landscape artist Philippa Lawrence who has an installation based on lace in the Manor grounds (more of that in another blog). She spoke about considering lace as a border and described how she developed the idea for her installation of lace as planting in the grounds. Lauran Sundin, who makes precious jewellery using bobbin lace techniques considered handmade lace as an art form. The contemporary lacemaker Gail Baxter then discussed definitions of lace and what constitutes lace, challenging traditional concepts of what lace can be. I then spoke about conceptual lace and how lace is used by contemporary artists to convey a message or tell a story. It was an interesting day and the themes and artists we all used to illustrate our talks overlapped, and complemented each other, linking the themes of the symposium together.

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