Tuesday 2 December 2014

Sampling TB lace

I’ve made a start on my TB lace using linen thread and crochet cotton as a gimp. The basic design indicates the shapes of the bacteria by using gimps to outline open areas in a half stitch ground. The idea was to have open lozenge shapes to represent the bacteria and then add inclusions, again in rough lozenge shapes, to indicate other bacteria in various stages of deterioration. Having made a start on working the pattern, I’m happy with the lozenge shapes outlined in the gimp but not so sure about the inclusions. I think the best plan will be to make the lace and then add other threads to the lace by hooking or sewing them in later if I think I need them. I’m pleased with the tally though and think I will use more, as it adds a bit of interest and also maintains the open shape of the ‘bacteria’.

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