Thursday, 12 February 2015

Art chain: Art challenge

I’ve been busy this week taking part in the Art chain and Art challenge projects on Twitter.  When I was first nominated I felt a bit overwhelmed and wasn’t sure what to post – the idea is that you post three images of your work on 5 days and nominate someone else to take part each day. I began by finding some images linked to different lace techniques, but then decided that themed days would be better than unrelated pieces. I decided on five themes: cells, memories, whisperings, marking time and subversive stitching. Once I’d decided on my themes finding the images to fit didn’t take long. I found the greatest problem was nominating someone else. At first I started by linking my nominations to the projects, so for example on the day I posted my ‘Memories are made of this’ series on memory loss, I nominated Jenni Dutton who produces beautiful work linked to dementia and memories. However, I found that some of my choices had already been nominated and others I wanted to nominate didn’t link to a particular project, so in the end I just chose people whose work I admire. It’s been great fun and interesting find three images each day to represent themes in my practice.

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