Thursday, 19 March 2015

Photographing lace

I’ve been trying to take photos of my lace again and have decided that the best way of doing it is to take close ups. It’s so difficult to get an overall view of most of the larger projects I make and when I do manage it all the details get lost. I also find with my net curtain and silk paper pieces that because they are transparent, the background is important. It’s no good having an ethereal piece of lace with an image of buildings behind it. I have tried taking photos in the garden, and that was quite successful but the slightest breeze can move the lace, which can lead to interesting effects but can be annoying, depending on the piece. So today I have concentrated on close ups, the image above is from ‘Frayed nerves’ which includes needle lace ‘nerves’ embedded in silk paper. I think the close up makes an interesting image regardless of the subject and at least it focuses on the lace!

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