Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Frames and stands

There is so much more to producing an exhibition than making the work itself! I’ve been making ‘window frames’ for some of my curtains. These three curtains will be exhibited in a large dark area so I need to make them stand out a bit and define them in the space. I also want them in the centre of the room rather than against the wall, so as well as the frames I need stands! All of them have been designed to come apart reasonably easily so I can transport them and assemble them at the venue. Apart from these frames and stands I don’t need many other props, although I do need at least 20 curtain rods. Some of these are acrylic and others are wooden dowel rods or actual extendable plastic curtain rods – at least they’re easy to transport. As are the curtains themselves, which all roll up for storage. I’ve already had to design a banner, posters and a flyer, which I collected from the printer on Monday. I’m especially pleased with the banner, which reads well from a distance and isn’t too cluttered. The next step is to design some labels for the pieces, print them out and cut them to size – never a dull moment!

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