Monday, 21 December 2015

‘No No No’ pattern

I’ve been thinking about the bobbin lace trim for the first veil in my new series of practice and have decided to go with the wording ‘no no no’ within the lace. I think that is the most definite statement and easy for an international audience to understand. The idea is that the words are hidden within the lace and discovered by the audience, so something definite and easy to read seems a good idea. I’ve also reduced the width of the ninepin edge I’m using. It will take quite a lot of lace to trim a wedding veil and so the quicker the pattern is to work the better! For the same reason I’ve also decided to have the ninepin edge only on one side of the pattern and to have a footside on the other. I’ve started winding some bobbins and will do a trial piece to see what it looks like, with a view to continuing it if it looks alright.  


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