Friday, 22 April 2016

Exhibition preparation

I’ve just bought a long length of cloth to cover the tables at the venue for my next exhibition – the LQ&N fair at Peterborough on 8 May - where I’ll be showing a selection of my lace. It’s always difficult deciding what colour to choose as a background for a mixed exhibition of that type. Dark blue seems to be the choice of many people who exhibit traditional white lace, but that doesn’t always work with coloured lace. Grey is a colour that goes well with much of my lace but it doesn’t have much impact from a distance. I’ve also found that ivory works well but needs to be kept clean – finding a dirt mark when you arrive at an exhibition venue with no way of washing it out is not helpful. The type of material is also important as cotton creases easily, which can spoil the display. In the end I’ve gone for a black crepe jersey type of material which I hope won’t crease and will provide a reasonable background colour for most of the lace. That quantity of material is quite heavy though, which is fine for Peterborough as I’m driving to the venue, but it would eat into my weight allowance if I was flying abroad to exhibit.


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