Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lace collage

These little collages are going to be part of an exhibition in a couple of weeks. There are three of them and they were fun to make. I started by collecting some scraps of paper with different texture – wood chip, tissue, card, then glued them together, added some printing and machine stitched over them to make the background. The lace was made in situ over the brown paper squares. I attached the threads behind on the back of the paper using sellotape, made the lace on the paper, and then secured the ends on the back, again using sellotape. You can see the pin holes in this close up image, but the piece is about 18 x 10 cm, so when it’s hanging on the wall you don’t notice them. The lace is different in each piece, but the colour schemes are the same so they form a pleasing group. They will be part of an exhibition at West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton in July.

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