Wednesday, 30 March 2022

‘inside:outside’ inspiration and construction


The Tansa exhibition of miniature works at the Crafts Study Centre has just ended and I’ve now repacked my work ‘inside:outside’ for its journey to Japan and a new exhibition at Gallery Gallery in Kyoto from 23 April to 8 May. The piece was inspired during a textile research visit to Japan by the atmosphere of contemplation in many temples and gardens. It also reflects the Japanese sensibility of ‘shin gyo so’ which can broadly be expressed as the juxtaposition of the realistic, the impressionistic and the abstract. This little sculpture reflects the abstract aspect of the theme and is a representation of a corner of a temple roof. It is constructed from a flat piece of bobbin lace manipulated to form the three-dimensional shape. This method of construction aims to suggest that the inside and the outside of these areas of peace are indistinguishable and interdependent. The image shows the flat lace and the final manipulated construction.

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