Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Context and Collaboration

Context and Collaboration is a series of seminars that set out to provide a forum to investigate strategies for museums, art galleries, higher education institutions and professional practitioners to collaborate to increase the profile of contemporary textiles.

It is difficult to find high profile venues for contemporary textiles despite the large potential audience. There are few opportunities in the UK to buy contemporary textiles and gallery owners find it difficult to assess their ‘enduring significance’ because there is no market for them. One idea to encourage collaboration is the creation of a textile specific venue, although this could lead to ghettoisation. Another is the development of a champion - either a person or group of galleries – that would encourage collaboration and bring together buyers and sellers.

The project director was Lesley Millar and an article on The profile of contemporary textiles is published in Embroidery Sept 2007 pp 32-35.

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