Tuesday, 2 October 2007

European Textile Network Conference London Saturday 15 September

Rachel Wingfield from Loop talked about responsive textiles. She discussed Sonumbra – the umbrella project that Gail Baxter and I were involved in. Then described Loop’s new project at Kew and one with scientists at Cambridge.

Marie O’Mahoney (co-author of Techno textiles 2) described a lace project she undertook in Australia. The aim was to produce modern ‘lace curtains’ for people living off Sydney harbour. Digital imagery of handmade lace was sandwiched between two layers of electrochromic glass. At a flick of a switch the glass could go from transparent to opaque.

Janne Kyttanen showed us how rapid prototyping works and can be used commercially. He showed us examples including clothes ready formed complete with zips, bags, lighting products and jewellery. Larry Preusser described digital modelling for clothes and showed us an amazing video of virtual cloth draping over a ring.

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