Thursday 4 April 2013

Stitching and thinking: artist’s talk

I blogged about this exhibition at Bristol Museum when I first saw it in January, but this week I managed to get back to hear Dawn Mason talk about it. As always, it was interesting hearing an artist talking about her work and that of the other members of the Stitch and Think group. She explained that she and Janet Haigh, the founder members of the group, had discussed how drawing, stitching and talking were all involved in communicating ideas, but they felt that hand skills seemed to be dying out. As a result, they held a workshop that brought together participants to explore the use of stitching as a visual language and it was from that meeting that the group was formed. I was particularly interested in hearing more about the development of the work in the exhibition, especially the sewn and mended ceramics, and about Dawn’s experience of stitching with human hair. She also told us that the group intends to continue working together, so I look forward to seeing their future exhibitions.

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