Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fans at the Valtopina Textile Museum

The recent lace and embroidery exhibition in Valtopina also saw the opening of a fan exhibition in the Museo del Ricamo e del Tessile. It consists of a beautiful selection of antique fans and a parallel exhibition of contemporary fans in lace and embroidery. They were beautifully displayed - some on the flat round forms you can see in the picture above, others in cases on the wall.

Some like this one by Ewa Szpila were attached to open round frames so you could see both sides. This image also shows the beautiful catalogue on a stand next to the fan.

And some antique fans were displayed in a very Japanese looking arrangement of acrylic fan shapes and poles on the wall.

I’ll post pictures of some of my favourite contemporary fans another time - and of course my own silk paper one.

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