Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Releve, pirouette, What now?

This is the title of an intriguing exhibition of work by Chien-Wei Chang at the Crafts Study Centre at Farnham. He is a metalworker and often combines silver with found natural materials. As a Taiwanese artist living in the UK he brings two different aesthetics together in his work and much of it is physically composed of two artefacts split and rejoined. I was very taken with his pieces made from small containers and spoons (the works are not titled) – they appeared to me like tiny reliquaries, just the right size to hold in the palm of the hand, and held the promise of hidden meanings. Splitting of objects pervaded the entire exhibition, with vessels and furniture cut and displayed in two parts, alluding to the two aspects of Chang’s life coming together to produce this fascinating work.    

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