Monday, 10 November 2014

Tuberculosis lace design

I’m designing some lace as part of my research into domestic conditions in the nineteenth century. It will be embedded in silk paper to represent the idea of the curtains of the home and the lungs of the body being clogged up with germs and particles from the air. I’ve decided to base it on the tuberculosis bacterium as TB is a disease of overcrowded living conditions, which we associate with that period of history. I’ve found some images of the bacteria and they seem to be long lozenge shapes, so I’m using them as the central motif of the lace, embedded in a fairly open half-stitch background. I also want to add some trapped particles so I will intersperse the ground with cocoon-like shapes, probably in thicker threads. Most of the lace will be covered in silk paper or have silk paper overlaying it so making the lace too fine would be a waste of effort. I’m not sure how to design the edges yet but will probably opt for some sort of scalloped shape to make it easier to attach the silk paper when I come to make that. I’ll keep you posted!

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