Friday, 16 January 2015

Unpacking lace

My work has been in three exhibitions which all ended just before Christmas and the pieces are now being returned to me. It’s nice to see them all again but unpacking them, checking them and then putting them away takes time. However, I’m enjoying the gifts that have been sent with them. Jane Austen’s house has sent me some lovely postcards of my veil ‘Marriage lines’. I’ve received a magnificent catalogue from the School of lace and embroidery at Valtopina, which not only has beautiful images of all the contemporary work in the exhibition but also fabulous photos of antique lace and lots of interesting written contributions, which I will enjoy translating. The catalogue from the Lace effects 2 exhibition at Calais Museum is also a lovely reminder of the exhibition. I’m always impressed how photographers manage to take such evocative photos of lace, I guess the reason is that they are looking at the work as an art object and choosing a section that represents the whole rather than trying to capture the entire piece in one shot. I shall enjoy browsing their handiwork and may be learn something.

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