Friday, 23 January 2015

Writing about lace

I’ve been busy recently writing about lace for different publications. Today I’m finishing an article for Workbox magazine on my subversive stitching, in which I talk about my ‘get off me’ mat (detail above), my ‘whispering series’ of net curtains and a couple of other projects. Last week was a complete contrast, as I was getting a series of articles, including one of my own, ready for, what I hope will be a special issue of The journal of modern craft about lace. The papers for that issue are based on the successful lace conference that Gail Baxter and I organised last year at Farnham. Between all of that I’m also trying to get on with writing up my thesis. It’s a challenge having to write for different audiences, deciding what they will be interested in and writing about the same pieces of work but from different angles, but also brings new insights to the work.


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