Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Exhibition in the Crypt

I’ve been unpacking and putting things away over the last couple of days following my exhibition at the Crypt Gallery last week. I was pleased by the number of visitors – several who’d heard about it via Facebook or Twitter showing that social media is a great way of reaching people. I recorded visitor numbers by asking people to add a pin to a curtain, in the tally pattern for counting I use in some of my work, which worked well and was also a way of engaging people in conversation (see pic above taken on Friday). I’d spent so long working out where everything should be hung and in the end I was pleased with the result, in fact many people asked if the work was site specific because it fitted the space so well. All the work had been made over the last 6 years but wasn’t created with the Crypt in mind so it was very encouraging that visitors felt it worked so well in the space. I’ll post more about the exhibition later in the week – there’s more unpacking to be done now!

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