Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Visitors’ book

I’ve been looking through the visitors’ book I had out at my exhibition and all the interesting things people said. All of them are complimentary, but I think that’s the nature of this kind of book, those who don’t rate an exhibition generally don’t bother to write their thoughts in a book they just leave quickly and quietly! Most of the comments focus on the many layers of meaning in the work and its evocative nature as well as how well it fitted the Crypt Gallery. The consensus seemed to be that the work was thought provoking, which is a great result – every artists wants their work to make people stop and think. As well as all the positive comments, the book also means I have a record of visitors’ names and email addresses so I can add them to my mailing list. I’m very glad I put it out and will make sure I add comments to other people’s books when I visit exhibitions in the future.

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