Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A flavour of lace

I’ve been photographing some lace, for the exhibition I’m sharing with Gail Baxter at the Knitting and Stitching show in the autumn, for the promotional website and leaflets. Apart from the usual difficulties of photographing white, delicate lace, the problem is compounded because I haven’t made half of it yet! That’s the trouble with producing a new body of work for a show, they want the advertising photos before you’ve done the work! It is all underway – I have two lace patterns on my pillows and have made a start on my veil with the pinned fringe. I’ve also bought veiling and patterns to make the veils. I also have the materials and patterns for the silk paper veils, but I want to make those when the weather improves and I can dry them outside in the sun. To overcome the problem of lack of finished pieces I’ve decided to supply images that give a flavour of my lace rather than images of the actual pieces I’ll be showing. So I have taken some photos of silk paper and spidery stitching, some with cut lace, and some with menacing pins. I think the flavour is ‘ethereal lace with a hint of menace’! 

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