Friday, 22 July 2016

Newstead Abbey

I made a very interesting research visit last week to Newstead Abbey, which has a good collection of lace curtains and curtain panels. It was so interesting to tie up some of my research into the lace exhibited at the international exhibitions with actual pieces of lace. The panel in the image really interested me because it depicted the building in which the London International Exhibition of 1862 was held. I don’t know why it was made or what it was used for – presumably advertising for the company that made it to show their expertise and as a novelty to attract the attention of the audience. As well as this panel, I saw many lace curtain samples, several other commemoration panels, beautiful classical lace curtain designs by Ashworth and Co and even some menus in lace! I have loads of photos of the pieces and now have plenty of material to work on over the summer.

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