Thursday, 14 July 2016

Silk paper experiments

This post should really be labelled silk paper disasters! I’ve been trying to apply silk paper directly to net to make a veil with lace appearing to disintegrate into the net fabric. The final result isn’t bad visually, but I’m trying out a new silk medium and I don’t think I diluted it enough, as the final piece is still quite tacky to the touch, it also has a very glossy look to it when I was hoping for a more matt look. I’ve also realised that the excess medium from the silk paper has seeped into the surrounding net, again giving a gloss to it which is not the effect I’m after. I think that, for the effect I want, I’ll have to make strips of silk paper and apply them to the net afterwards, in the same way I attached silk paper to voile for my ‘Dust’ curtains. It’s a shame, as I thought this would be a quicker process and would integrate the lace, paper and net more effectively, but it seems to cause different problems. Oh well, they say you learn from your mistakes and I’ve certainly learnt from these ones!

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