Friday, 19 October 2018

Decorative Art lace curtain

This lovely curtain design is similar to one I saw in the Nottingham archive earlier in the week. It mixes elements of Art Nouveau and traditional designs and is advertised in the Peach company catalogue for 1904. It is described as a ‘design in the new style of decorative art’. Although it includes Art Nouveau style panels and images such as the large stylised roses, twisting stems and drooping flowers it still conforms to the traditional curtain panel design of two outer borders with a scalloped edge, a lighter central panel and a more dense bottom border. It is 60 inches wide and can be bought in two lengths, either 3 and a half or 4 yards long, at 12 shillings per pair or 13/6 per pair depending on the size. Samuel Peach was a well known lace manufacturer in Nottingham, established in 1857, and clearly produced quite a range of curtain designs as well as other lace.

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