Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Russian tape lace style mat

I’m making great progress on my Russian tape lace style mat, which is part of my series of subversive mats. Having made the centre with the text in a mixture of Bedfordshire and tape lace I’ve now started on the surrounding pattern, which is flowing very well. However, I’m learning all sorts of new techniques. Working with seven pairs of bobbins definitely has advantages as there’s no need to move sections of bobbins out of the way to tackle separate parts of the design. This style of lace does involve a lot of sewings though, which I’ve never been particularly good at and my bobbins are not designed for sewings, although the loops to sew into are quite large in this pattern which makes it easier. As with any lace pattern you have to think ahead and work certain areas before others but I’m becoming converted to the idea of working the central areas of crossed leaves without four plait crossings. Surprisingly, working leaves with a temporary pin supporting them and joining with a sewing works very well – I thought they would unravel with so little support but they haven’t so far! Also working the central area and then adding the half stitch tape round the outside means you don’t have to keep adding and removing pairs. I’ve also found that what I would describe as a ninepin edging is much easier using only two pairs and joining everything with sewings. I’m really enjoying this lace and learning a new way of working is quite eye opening!

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