Monday, 29 March 2010

Curtain show

Curtain show was exhibited at Eastside projects an artist run space in Birmingham. Ines Schaber had produced a scenario much like that in which I display my own curtains. Her Diabolic tenant 2007 is inspired by the design collaboration between Lilly Reich and Mies van der Rohe and comprises a curtain and a blind that speak to each other through an audiospeaker. They discuss their relative positions and politics, revealing their different functions and the role of design in society. The blinds were male and the silk curtains female.

Grace Ndiritu’s Still life 2007 is a large area hung with curtains which are also depicted on four DVD monitors in small scenes with arms and legs protruding from them and then disappearing as if they were moving and alive. Albrecht Schafer had recreated, in stiff paper shapes stapled together, the fa├žade of the former Centrum department store in Berlin originally produced in aluminium based on a 1950s original by Egon Eiermann. Hannah James had produced a series of wide paper blinds printed with three dimensional triangular shapes.

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