Thursday, 11 October 2012

Framing space

I’ve just returned from hanging the Framing space exhibition at Artworks, Milton Keynes. Four of us (Gail Baxter, Sue McLaggan, Carol Quarini, Beth Walsh) are exhibiting work that has developed from lace and lacemaking under the joint name Liminal. I’m showing one of my Whispering series of net curtains (see the image above), which is hung appropriately in front of narrow, cobwebbed, gothic windows, perfectly placed to allow the curtains to re-read the domestic. Gail’s cubes of interlinked threads and paper fibre, inspired by the layers and lacunae of archives hang beside my curtains. Entitled ‘Reading shadows’, the work is designed to be lit from several angles to reveal yet more layers to the work. Gail is also showing Mediation which includes multilayered bobbin lace hangings linked to her research into museum collections and I am also showing images from my Embedded memories series.

Sue is showing several of her beautiful neckpieces. Designed as wearable pieces they also reference the way in which clothes and accessories are used to reveal or conceal the wearer’s identity and feelings.

Beth is showing several pieces including the series shown here entitled Soundscapes. The twelve bobbin lace vignettes are combined with the sounds of the sea recorded on the coast at Sheringham, Norfolk, over the span of a year. The evocative sounds are designed to be heard through headphones as the visual record of the year is contemplated through the lace.

The exhibition runs until 3 November and there are workshops, talks and meet the artist days throughout that time.

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