Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gost Log: Matti Braun

Gost Log at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol presents a selection of works by Matti Braun. I found the most interesting to be his installation, entitled R.T./S.R./N.S, for which he has flooded a gallery with water and placed cut logs in the space, which you have to walk over to get to the following gallery. His inspiration for this piece comes from an unrealised film about an alien crashing to earth and crossing a lake by walking over lotus leaves. I visited the exhibition during half term so for part of the time the space was full of children laughing as they jumped from log to log breaking the stillness of the water and at others quiet and peaceful as the water became a calm reflective mirror. Having to watch where you walked made you more aware of space and your movement through it, and the contrast between the quiet and noise of the visitors made you more aware of the environment as a whole. The rest of the exhibition included prints, silk paintings, and textiles, usually things I would be interested in, but I did not know the references from which they developed and found that hampered my appreciation of them, whereas the installation was interesting even without knowledge of its inspiration.

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