Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Journeys in lace

This exhibition of the work of students and staff at Nottingham Trent University is based on the archive of lace held at the University. It was all of a high standard but some of the highlights for me were Tessa Acti’s lace birds from embroidered nylon mesh (shown in the image above), Chloe Blount’s hand drawn lace patterns made up of lettering telling the story of Nottingham lace, Georgina Pierce’s PVC coat machine embroidered to give a hem looking like a lace pricking, and Claire Bradshaw’s laser etched printed panel which revealed its lace as a shadow behind it. The exhibition was well displayed and the use of lighting was excellent giving interesting shadows on the floor and the walls. Examples of lace from the archive were also on display as well as an evocative film of the archive by Joy Buttress and drawings of lace and fashion designs incorporating lace; I particularly liked Yashmin-ul Siraj’s beautiful drawings. It was good to see how many innovative and varied ideas had come from a study of the lace archive.

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