Thursday, 26 May 2016

MYB Textiles

I’ve just come back from a research visit to MYB Textiles in Scotland – the last net curtain manufacturer remaining in the UK. It was very exciting to be shown round the factory and to see and hear the lace machines in action. I also enjoyed researching in the archive, examining their store of net curtains and designs. They also have numerous pattern drafts and working diagrams for the machines as well as some old catalogues of past designs which were fascinating to look at. However, as well as their archive, MYB is a very innovative company with a wide selection of modern designs for curtains, bedspreads, napery and even wallpaper. They also collaborate with a range of designers and artists to create new designs and fabrics. It was a fascinating visit and has left me with a wealth of images and ideas to work on and lots of memories of the lovely people who helped me during my visit.

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