Thursday 19 May 2016

Thread collections

I never thought I’d say this but I think I have enough threads to last me a lifetime! At one time I would buy selections of lovely threads wherever I went, which is probably why I have such a large collection. However my recent work has mainly been in white, as I’ve purposely been using the idea of pristine Victorian textiles and how they can be subverted to reflect the uncanny in the home. My latest body of work on veiling has also continued the white theme, although I am planning some black veils, but although that’s a change from white it’s still not very colourful! I am working on one project for which I’m blending coloured threads and for that I’ve returned to the terracotta palette of colours I’ve used in the past; but that is a one off for a specific exhibition. I’m certainly not parting with any of my threads yet, as you never know when you’ll need just the right colour of something, but I won’t be buying any new ones for a while, even though they are so beguiling.

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