Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Looking forward: lace plans for 2021

The beginning of the year is traditionally a time for plans and resolutions. I’ve started the year by taking part in Jane Fullman’s Instagram lace challenge, which runs throughout January, and is a great way of looking at your own work through a different lens and discovering interesting work by other people. So a good start to the year. I’m finalising the paper I’ve written about my dinner mats project inspired by the life and work of Amy Atkin, the first female Nottingham machine lace designer, and have various other writing projects on the go as well. As far as practice is concerned I’m working towards a group exhibition resulting from a study trip to Japan, which will be shown in the Craft Study Centre at Farnham and Gallery Gallery in Kyoto in 2022 and hopefully some other venues too. I’m also continuing with my series of doilies inspired by feminism and the unhomely and once I have a collection ready will be looking for an exhibition space for those and for the dinner mats project. However, exhibiting is not easy at the moment so I may have to be a little bit inventive in finding venues or even attempt an online exhibition.

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