Saturday, 31 October 2009

Venice Biennale: Library

This installation by Woojung Chu is inspired in part by Jorge Luis Borges ‘The library of Babel’ and the quotation ‘The universe (which others call the library)’. It depicts the librarian’s relentless search for the source of all universal wisdom. It comprises several desks cabinets and a globe but none of them are what they seem or present knowledge in an easily accessible form. They contain a collection of heads, geometric forms made of wire, lists of words and letters, pulleys and the form of a man crouched in the fetal position. One globe is a maze of interlocking rooms and the other is covered in images of what might be astrological signs. The work suggests that the library is a place of persistent search for elusive, unanswered questions. The whole installation gives a feeling of the uncanny and that what we think we know is all an illusion.

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